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Classic Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions give us longer, luscious lashes that many dream of. The application process should be pain-free and relaxing for the most part. Discomfort is not normal during treatment. Please tell your lash tech of any poking or burning sensation during the appointment.

However, if you experience pain after the treatment, there could be several reasons.

Poor application technique

Applying eyelash extensions requires a high degree of skill and precision. Even the slightest mistake can result in an uneven or unnatural look. One of the most common mistakes is the improper or poor application technique.

This often occurs when the lash artist tries to apply lashes too close to the skin which can cause skin irritation. Another reason could be eyelashes stuck together by not letting them fully dry. Lashes that are stuck together cause tugging of the eyelashes which can lead to premature fallout.

Low-quality products

Numerous industries have quickly produced low-quality products to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. The lash industry is no different. In recent years, there has been a surge in low-quality products, including adhesives.

These products are often made with inferior materials, but they can also be dangerous. Low-quality adhesives, for example, may not provide the same stronghold as professional-grade adhesives.

Improper Attachments

One of the most common causes of pain after an eyelash extension procedure is improper attachment. Attaching the extension too far from the lash line. This can cause poking against the eyelid and feel very uncomfortable. Another reason could be an improper attachment by not adhering completely flushed to the natural eyelash which can cause lifting. Lifting the extensions could result in poking also.

You may feel the urge to rub or pluck your eyelashes. Instead, use a mascara wand to brush your eyelashes and let your lash tech know of the discomfort.

Too heavy Eyelashes

One of the most common causes of discomfort is heavy lash extensions. This is because they strain the natural lashes, leading to pain and discomfort. In some cases, heavy lash extensions can even cause the natural lashes to fall out prematurely.

To avoid this, it is essential to ensure that the lash artist only attaches a few lashes to each natural lash. Each and every client is different and should be catered specifically to their eye shape. It is the lash tech’s job to know the proper length and diameter to be used on each client. This will help prevent strain on the natural lashes and the potential droopy eye effect. If you experience pain after an appointment, contact your lash artist or physician for further guidance. Do not try to pull out any lashes yourself.

Too much glue

One possibility that eyelash extensions hurt is the lash technician used too much glue or adhesive on your lashes. This can cause your lashes to feel heavy and uncomfortable. Your hair follicles may also be irritated by the excess glue. When excessive glue is being used there is a greater chance of lashes sticking together. If the technician does not check their work at the end and leaves these lashes stuck to one another it will lead to itching of the eyelids.

If you experience this, it is essential to contact your lash technician wisely or lash artist for further guidance.

Allergies to Lash Adhesives

Allergies are a possible side effect of wearing eyelash extensions, especially if you have sensitive eyes. The allergy is caused by the adhesive or eyelash glue used to attach the lashes in most cases. The symptoms of an allergic reaction include redness, swelling, and itchiness on the eyelid. Usually, an allergic reaction will occur within 24-48 hours after the initial lash treatment.

If you experience these symptoms, you should immediately contact your lash technician and ask them to remove your extensions, and consult a doctor if irritation continues. Allergies to lash adhesive are relatively rare, but they can occur. If you have a history of allergies, you may want to tell your technician first and ask for a patch test. Your lash technician may apply a few eyelash extensions to each eye and ask you to contact them within two days if any redness or irritations occur. If there is no reaction, you can proceed with the full set.

What You Should Do If Your Lash Extensions Hurt

If you experience pain after having eyelash extensions applied, it is essential to contact your lash artist or lash technician for guidance. In some cases, the pain may be caused by improperly placed extensions. If this is the case, the lash artist will be able to remove the extensions and reapply them correctly, DO NOT REMOVE IT YOURSELF. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and are difficult to remove by yourself without any remover.

However, if you attempt to remove them by yourself, you may cause further damage to your natural lashes. The extension is attached to the natural lashes with a strong adhesive. If you try to remove the attachment without proper guidance, you may pull it out with your own natural lash

Final Thought

If you consider eyelash extensions, it is essential to discuss your options with a professional and do your research. Find a reputable artist that will be able to recommend the best type of extensions for your individual needs. Lash extensions that are applied properly are key to long-lasting retention and comfort. You can enjoy beautiful and long-lasting lash extensions without any discomfort with the proper care and attention.

If you have any questions or concerns about having eyelash extensions, please do reach out to your local professional lash artist for more information. Click here to learn about our various products.


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