Trimming Your Eyelash Extensions: What You Need to Know

Trimming Lash Extension

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Eyelash extensions are a great way of adding drama and glam to your look. Applied by a skilled technician, we use an adhesive process that applies individual lashes onto each one of our natural eyelashes. Unfortunately, we may end up with them being longer than desired – leading us to contemplate trimming them on our own. This is when caution must be exercised, as there can be risks involved in doing so ourselves.

Trimming your eyelash extensions is not an easy task and requires a lot of effort and attention to detail. If you don’t have experience of working with eyelashes, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. One of the biggest risks involved in trimming your eyelash extensions on your own is accidentally cutting off your natural lashes. These lashes take time to grow, and cutting them can damage them, thereby affecting their growth. Another risk involved is accidentally cutting your skin, which can cause irritation and pain. In worst-case scenarios, you could even cut your eyes, which are a very delicate part of our body that need to be protected at all times.

Therefore, it’s essential to understand that trimming your eyelash extensions is not a DIY task, and it’s best to go back to your professional technician, who will be able to do it safely and accurately. They will also be able to assess the length of your eyelash extensions and recommend the best length to suit your style and preferences. Remember, your safety and the health of your natural lashes should always be your base priority when working with eyelash extensions. So, if you’re finding your extensions too long, don’t hesitate to contact your technician for a consultation.

Is it Advisable to Trim Eyelash Extensions?

It is not recommended to cut eyelash extensions due to the possible risks of cutting your lashes, skin, or eyes. If the length needs correcting, it is safest to return to a technician who can address the situation correctly.

Discussing the design and lengths beforehand with the stylist is critical for making sure your eyelash extensions don’t turn out to be too long. I like to be meticulous about it. I also display plenty of photos of past customers to provide a clear image of the set’s appearance. Most of my patrons can acquire their ideal lengths of lash extensions from the salon, rendering alteration or cutting unnecessary at home.

Let us explore the effects of taking the risk of trimming your lash extensions on your own. This piece pertains only to single lash extensions, leaving out other alternatives such as strip lashes, magnetic lashes, and do-it-yourself lashes. Some can be reduced before use.

What is the consequence of attempting to trim one's own eyelash extensions?

From my point of view, attempting to trim your own extensions brings about three main risks.

1. The Possibility of Cutting Your Natural Lashes

It is evident, but while shaping eyelash extensions, you could inadvertently clip your natural lashes since they adhere to the authentic ones. A competent lash specialist will usually elongate your existing eyelashes by roughly 2 mm, or sometimes 3 mm. Additionally, based on the desired effect (i.e. doll-eye, cat-eye, natural, etc.) the native eyelashes are not consistently expanded across the eyelash border.

Thus, it would take the skills of a magician to cut the falsies without harming the real lashes. You would not be aware that you have snipped your own until after the act is finished.

2. Unappealing Visage

An additional major letdown with lashes that have been trimmed is their peculiar look. This takes place because cut eyelashes have a flat tip instead of a gradual one. This erases any trace of softness and fluffiness.

Moreover, it is virtually unthinkable to fashion an even trim that can accommodate the organic bend of your eyelashes. That is because you are attempting to cut them while they have already adhered to!

3. Unintentional Ocular Injury

This is the most crucial consideration. Refrain from employing any pointed items, like scissors, near one’s eye. There is a danger of inadvertently injuring your eye or cutting the skin near it. Truly, eyelash technicians use incredibly sharp tweezers. However, they have gone through the necessary education and have been qualified properly to do so. The vantage point enables them to see your eyelashes clearly with bright illumination and magnifying optics.

What is the Reason Some People Continue to Shape Their Lash Extensions?

It is not customary to reduce the length of eyelash extension fibers during a lash appointment. It is typically more convenient to express any reservation you may have to the beautician while still in the establishment. Oftentimes, individuals comprehend this after leaving. Therefore, they attempt to reduce the duration independently.

1. Unsuitable Styling for the Eye Shape

Many individuals will contemplate trimming their eyelash extensions if the look is not suitable for their eye shape.

For example, a cat-eye pattern will drastically extend the external corner of the eyelids. A dolly-eye style will feature longer extensions in the center of the eye to give it an awake look.

However, if this is not what you desired, you may be tempted to seize a pair of scissors and do something irrational…

2. Adapting To Longer False Lashes

If it is your first time applying false eyelashes, getting accustomed to them may take some time. It’s okay if you feel as if they are not a proper fit for you.

If this is your situation, it is advised to stay put and wait a while instead of acting hastily. No need to rush into things. You could come to appreciate these newly obtained delights!

3. Eyelash Extensions Contacting The Eyeglasses

If you don glasses, the length of your lashes may lead to discomfort as they might brush up against the lenses. It is suggested that you shorten them quickly after acquiring them.

This is a genuine dilemma. How do you resolve it?

The most suitable course of action is to engage in a thorough discussion with your eyelash technician. It is critical to emphasize any glasses you wear to your beautician. It is recommended that you bring your glasses to the appointment so the lash technician can form a tailored design that allows you to blink easily while wearing them.

I have created an in-depth manual on the ideal curls and arrangements when donning eyeglasses with additional pieces here.

4. Extended Fake Eyelashes Cause Discomfort To The Eyes

If your eyelash extensions are causing discomfort, even if you don’t normally wear glasses, then it is likely they are too long in comparison to your own natural lashes.

In the most severe circumstances, the exhaustive length of the lashes could even pierce your skin, signifying a poor implementation by the lash technician.

Tips on How to Customize the Length of Artificial Eyelashes

This guide provides a step-by-step approach to trimming synthetic eyelashes to perfectly fit your eye shape.

1. Acquire the necessary equipment. Makeup technicians recommend having a pair of scissors and tweezers to shape a fresh group of eyelash strips. Disinfect your tweezers to eliminate contaminants, and procure trimming scissors for the lashes.

2. Get an idea of the size needed for your false eyelashes by comparing them to your natural ones. Place the falsies on your lash line and adjust the start of the strip to the inner corner of your eye. Ensure the end of the lashes reaches the outer corner and mark that spot with a finger. Trim away any extra beyond this marker.

3. Indicate the cutting spot. Utilize tweezers to take hold of the point on your eyelash strip that stretches beyond the external edge of your eye. Delicately secure the lash strip between your tweezers, applying pressure on the lashes to make a mark at the area that should be trimmed.

4. Snip away the extra equipment. Use a pair of scissors specifically made for trimming false lashes and use the position that you identified with the tweezers as a reference point to ensure it follows the contours of your eye.

5. For the other eye, follow the same steps to cut and size the second strip of false eyelashes. Make sure you are measuring and trimming each lash strip differently, according to the size and shape of each eye. Finish off with these false lashes after applying any other eye makeup such as eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow.

What is the Most Favorable Length for Lash Extensions?

Length of Eyelash Enhancements

The burden of the extensions could be too much, making it difficult for healthy lashes to develop. Consequently, when selecting eyelash extensions, the principle to remember is that they should be 3mm-5mm longer than your natural ones.

The Bottom Line:

Getting eyelash extensions that suit your preferences can be a game of chance, even with the most skilled artist. Sometimes, issues like over-lengthened lashes, uneven growth or poor finishing are inevitable. However, rather than regretting the decision to get extensions, knowing how to trim them can be a practical solution.

The practice of trimming eyelash extensions can seem intimidating, but it is a skill that can be learned with time. First, it is important to understand the different types of eyelash extensions available and the care that they require. For instance, synthetic or mink extensions require different approaches and equipment when trimming. Additionally, the tools and techniques used to trim eyelash extensions can affect the outcome significantly. The right scissors or trimmer, as well as a steady hand and patience, can make all the difference.

Overall, knowing how to trim your eyelash extensions can save you the trouble and expense of having to get them fixed by someone else. Additionally, having the skills to touch up your eyelash extensions can ensure that they are always looking their best. With a little practice and patience, anyone can learn how to trim their eyelash extensions perfectly.

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