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Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel like your eyelashes just aren’t long or thick enough to make a statement? You’re not alone. Women all over the world have been turning to fake eyelashes to enhance their eyes and create a dramatic look. But, when it comes to using mascara on these false lashes, there seems to be a bit of confusion. So, can you put mascara on fake eyelashes? The answer is yes, you can! In fact, mascara can help blend your natural lashes with the falsies and create an even more striking look. Fake eyelashes have become a must-have accessory in the beauty routine of most females, and with the variety of styles available on the market, it’s easy to see why. Not only can fake eyelashes give you the appearance of full, glamorous lashes, but they can also boost your confidence and make you feel unstoppable. Let’s delve deeper into the world of fake eyelashes and explore the possibilities of mascara application.

Understanding Mascara:

Ladies, let’s talk about mascara – the go-to makeup tool for dolling up our eyes and making them pop like never before. But what is mascara? In simple terms, it’s the miracle product that transforms your lashes into a work of art. Mascara is a cosmetic product that is applied to the eyelashes to make them appear longer, thicker and darker. Sounds incredible, right? Well, you ain’t seen anything yet.

Mascara comes in different types to cater to every girl’s needs. The lengthening mascara is perfect for those who want to add length to their lashes while volumizing mascara is ideal for doll-like lashes with a fuller appearance. Don’t forget the waterproof mascara that ensures your lashes stay put even on rainy days. Plus, there are so many color options and even fiber mascaras that add volume to even the sparsest of lashes.

While mascara can do wonders for your eyes, it does come with some pros and cons. On the one hand, a coat or two of mascara can transform your look from drab to fab in seconds. Not to mention the added bonus of making you look wide awake even on those days when you’re running on three hours of sleep. However, if you’re not careful, layers of mascara can clump, making your lashes look worse, and that’s not something we want.

In conclusion, mascara is the ultimate beauty hack that has been a part of every girl’s makeup routine for ages. Knowing the different types, benefits, options, and even some cons will help you choose the perfect product that suits your style and preference. So, girl, go ahead and play with that mascara, enhance your lashes, and let your eyes do the talking!

Alternatives to Using Mascara on Fake Eyelashes

When it comes to achieving bold, voluminous lashes, there are a few alternatives to using mascara on fake eyelashes that are worth considering. First on the list is using eyeliner to darken the lash line. By tightlining your eyes with a waterproof, smudge-proof eyeliner, you can create the illusion of fuller lashes without actually adding any product to your falsies. Just trace the liner along your upper waterline and finish with a subtle wing to really make your eyes pop.

Another great option is to apply mascara before you put on your fake lashes. This method will coat your natural lashes and create a seamless blend with your falsies, making them look more natural and less noticeable. Just be sure to allow the mascara to fully dry before applying your fake lashes to avoid any clumping or smudging.

Lastly, consider using tinted lash primers or lash serums to enhance the appearance of your natural lashes. These products will nourish your lashes and help promote growth, making them appear longer and fuller over time. And with the added tint, you can skip the mascara altogether and still have the look of bold, dramatic lashes.

So if you’re looking for alternatives to using mascara on your fake eyelashes, keep these options in mind. Experiment with different methods to find what works best for you and your look, and don’t be afraid to mix and match for maximum impact. After all, the right pair of lashes can make all the difference!

Alternatives to Using Mascara on Fake Eyelashes

In terms of cosmetics, being familiar with the best process for applying mascara to artificial eyelashes is essential. Here is a straightforward guide that can assist you in creating a flawless finish and drama:

  • First, ensure that your false eyelashes are devoid of any oils, dirt, or makeup. Subsequently, apply the mascara.
  • Select your alternatives. There are two primary kinds of mascara for artificial eyelashes: one to increase length and one to increase thickness. Pick the one that most appropriately suits your chosen look.
  • Employ a lash brush. A lash brush, also known as a spoolie, is essential for the smooth application of mascara onto artificial eyelashes. Use it to delicately comb through the lashes, dividing and characterizing them.
  • Brush on mascara following a zig-zag pattern – beginning at the root of the lashes and sweeping up to the tips. Keep repeating until you’ve reached your preferred look of added length and volume.
  • Do not use too much. In terms of mascara, usually less is better. Too much can clump and make your eyelashes appear dense and unnatural.


By following these straightforward steps, you can easily apply mascara to your false eyelashes with certainty, attaining an intense and wonderful result each time.

Mastering the technique of employing mascara on both pre-dyed and uncolored individual false eyelashes can have a big impact on appearing visually natural yet striking, making them appear as genuine as doable. To deepen your understanding of how to apply mascara to individual lashes, slide through our upcoming portion of Applying Mascara to Individual Lashes.

Does Mascara Ruin Your Eyelashes?

Many people have heard the myth that wearing mascara will ruin your eyelashes, but is there any truth to it? According to experts, the answer is no. Mascara itself is not damaging to your lashes; in fact, many mascaras contain nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E and panthenol that can help keep your lashes healthy. However, the way you apply and remove your mascara can impact the health of your lashes. 

Rubbing or tugging at your lashes while removing mascara can lead to damage and breakage, and using a waterproof mascara that requires more rubbing or a harsher remover can exacerbate this issue. Additionally, leaving your mascara on overnight can cause your lashes to become dried out and brittle. Therefore, it’s important to be gentle while removing your mascara and to make sure you always take it off before bed. Overall, while mascara itself does not ruin your lashes, improper application and removal can lead to damage over time.


In conclusion, while it is possible to apply mascara to fake eyelashes, it is not always necessary or recommended. You don’t need to use mascara on fake eyelashes that already have a natural finish because adding mascara may cause damage and clump to the delicate fibers.

Ultimately, whether or not to use mascara on your fake eyelashes is a personal choice. Experiment with different styles and finishes to find what works best for you, and always remember to take proper care of your lashes to keep them looking their best.

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