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We all want those long luscious lashes, don’t we? We wish we could wake up bright and early and already have that perfect image to make us look like a star, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. But, we can thank the cosmetics industry for giving us the perfect solution: eyelash extensions! Getting eyelash extensions can be such a convenience and make us feel beautiful, but do they come at a cost? Do eyelash extensions really damage your natural lashes? We’re here to help answer that question and to walk you through the entire process, so you can determine if they are worth the commitment. So stick with us and find out the answer here!

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a popular beauty treatment that enhances natural lashes’ length, volume, and thickness. Synthetic mink or silk fibers are individually adhered to each individual lash with medical-grade adhesive, giving your eyes an instantly lifted and luscious look. A single application of extensions can last up to 6 weeks with routine touch-ups and recommended maintenance. Not only do eyelash extensions provide a beautiful aesthetic, but they are also incredibly convenient when applying makeup – all you need is a moisturizer and mascara! With careful aftercare and appointments at regular intervals, you can get virtually the same look without having to leave your house.

Types of Eyelash Extensions

There are a variety of styles, weights, and materials used in eyelash extensions. Most extensions are made from synthetic mink or silk hair, but faux and human hair options may also be available. Regarding styles, there are countless possibilities, including extended length and various shapes that can be applied to create your desired look. To cater to different tastes and needs, weight options range from featherweight designs for a more natural feel, to heavier styles that add extra volume. With the right lash technician, you can customize an eyelash style that will leave you feeling beautiful and confident – no matter what kind of look you hope to achieve.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back After Lash Extensions? 

Lash extensions can be an incredibly convenient way to enhance your lash line, but a common concern from those interested in getting them is if the eyelashes grow back after they are removed. The answer is generally that they do, though there are some considerations to keep in mind. Aftercare is very important; it’s possible for professionals to mistake the removal of lashes with too thick adhesives, and this could cause prolonged effects or even infection in the eye area. If you have any questions or concerns, it’s best to ask the professionals prior to removal. Eyelash extensions should come off with the natural lash growth cycle as the hair follicle grows on a regular basis—typically every 3-4 weeks—so chances are that you won’t have any long-term issues if aftercare instructions are followed properly.

The Process of Eyelash Extension Application

Eyelash extension application is a delicate procedure that requires an experienced and knowledgeable stylist. It involves using tweezers and special techniques to adhere false eyelashes to the client’s permanent lashes. Through research, the proper technique has been developed to prevent any damage or irritation to the eyelids. During the process, hands need to be steady and even with movements that are precise. Experts recommend not skimping on lash extension costs, as inexperienced people may end up harming clients or providing unsatisfactory results. The experts do know what they’re doing–when applied correctly, eyelash extensions reveal length, thickness, and fullness that can last for several weeks until refills are necessary.

Allergen Test and Glue application

Eyelash extension application is an art form that can only be perfected through experience and training. Before moving forward with the treatment, one has to check for any possible allergens or reactions clients may have. To do this, a patch test must first be administered to check your reaction level with the glue before applying eyelash extensions. This ensures that no allergies are present and you won’t experience any side effects later on during the treatment. The amount of glue used depends on the individual’s natural lashes and should be applied by a qualified professional who understands the process thoroughly and is capable of administering it accordingly. Keep in mind that cheap materials may contain formaldehyde which can cause redness, swelling, or burning sensation – all leading to serious problems if not treated properly and immediately. Therefore, getting your eyelash extension applications done by a certified professional or at a doctor’s recommendation is recommended.

What To Avoid When Applying Eyelash Extensions

When it comes to applying eyelash extensions, there are certain things that should be avoided. First of all, it’s important to make sure that you’re using the right type of adhesive. Using something other than a medical-grade lash adhesive can cause an adverse reaction, discomfort, and even damage to real lashes. It’s also important to consider the environment – place, temperature, and humidity can all affect the performance of the adhesive. Stress, hormones, and other factors such as pollution and exposure to chemicals can also have a detrimental impact on how long your extensions last. By avoiding all these things, you’ll be much more likely to achieve comfort and long-lasting results from your eyelash extension application process.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Eyelash Extensions

As with any beauty enhancement option, there are both advantages and disadvantages to getting eyelash extensions. On the one hand, eyelash extensions provide a full and voluminous look to your lashes that makes them look longer and thicker than they may appear naturally. On the other hand, they require high maintenance and can cause harm to your natural lashes if not applied and treated properly. 

Advantages of Eyelash Extensions

One of the biggest advantages of getting eyelash extensions is that they allow you to take control of your own lash length and volume in a much more effective way than simply applying mascara can. Another benefit is that eyelash extensions last significantly longer than lash-specific cosmetics, often up to two months if cared for properly. Finally, some people may appreciate how easy it is to maintain your lash look with services offered at various spas. As long as you routinely visit for follow-up treatments, you will never have to worry about reapplying products or re-doing makeup. 

Disadvantages of Eyelash Extensions

The most obvious disadvantage of having eyelash extensions is the high cost associated with having a professional service done. Lash extension services can range anywhere from $100-$400 or more, depending on what you’re looking for. In addition, due to the process involved in applying the lashes, you must be very careful while washing or caring for your eyes after their application as doing so improperly may lead to weakened or lost natural lashes due to tugging or makeup residue build-up over time. It is also important to note that making significant changes, such as wearing tighter hairstyles or doing heavy workouts after getting lash extensions, could increase the risk of breakage or falling out if done frequently.

Post-Extension Care to Maintain Healthy Eyelashes

Post-extension care is essential for maintaining the health of your eyelashes. To extend their life, it’s best to avoid using an eyelash curler and reserve water-based mascara formulas with gentle ingredients. Expert technicians at a salon can help you and other pros recommend avoiding makeup removers with oil or oil-based ingredients. When cleaning your lashes, use micellar water or gentle skin cleansers that won’t strip away natural oils, so your eyelashes stay hydrated and healthy. Additionally, brushing your lashes daily will help reduce shedding and breakage. For the ultimate care of lash extensions, visit a trusted salon with experienced technicians that can provide different aftercare treatments, such as lash serums or special oil blends to help keep them in great shape.


Understanding the effects of eyelash extensions is essential for any woman curious about the beauty service, and our guide provides the information you need. After reading through everything, it’s clear that although there can be risks associated with extensions depending upon the product used and application by an artist, they don’t necessarily need to damage your natural lashes or cause any long-term effects. You might find yourself going through a period of loss in length as your natural lash cycle is running its course, which is important to keep in mind when deciding whether or not you’re ready for them. When in doubt, taking advice from an experienced artist can help reduce the chances of any adverse effects. Furthermore, using nourishing serums and cleaners is recommended during and after the lash extension phase to ensure healthy maintenance throughout. For more info about lash extension and its side effects, please visit our website

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