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If you know anything about lash extensions, you know how expensive, time-consuming, and just plain daunting the process can be! After spending a pretty penny on lusciously long lashes, you probably wonder how much you should tip your lash technicians – it can be a daunting task. No need to worry, because this eyelash extension tipping guide is here to help. You’ll learn how much to tip for lash services and gain a better understanding of who should receive a tip. Plus, you’ll be armed with the knowledge of how to make sure your stylist always does a great job. Keep reading to get the DL on lash tip etiquette!

What is the Standard Etiquette for Tipping Lash Stylists?

Tipping your lash technician is becoming the standard practice in the beauty industry. Although tipping certainly isn’t required, it’s a nice gesture to show that you appreciate the expertise and care of your lash expert. Especially if you are receiving more expensive treatments such as refills or more complex designs, it’s suggested that you tip at standard rates. Depending on the technician’s level of experience and location, this could fall anywhere between 15-20% of the total cost. While not always mandatory in every case, tipping is an important part of recognizing great lash technicians – they put a lot of time and energy into ensuring you have high-quality work!

Is it Necessary to Tip Your Lash Stylist?

Tip etiquette for your lash stylist can be a difficult concept to navigate. According to experts, it is most common in the beauty industry for clients to leave a 15%-20% tip. Although tipping is not mandatory, leaving something for effort and appreciation should always be taken into account, depending on your budget. Most business owners set prices with tips already taken into account, but from the client’s point of view, as a show of appreciation, you could offer a little extra or opt out of tipping altogether if you do not mind slightly distasteful looks or remarks from behind the chair. Ultimately, it comes down to appearance and effort. However, most people tend to pass on the favor because lashes take time and effort to perfect, which should always be taken into account when pricing out your lash set.

How Much Should You Tip Your Lash Stylist?

When it comes to beauty treatments, such as getting eyelashes, many clients are unaware of how much they should be tipping their stylist. Generally, the price can be determined depending on the service and treatment you choose. Contrary to popular belief, it is not always 15%, but instead closer to 20%. Many experts agree that 20% is now seen as the standard price for tipping a lash artist in the majority of cases. This percentage is becoming an increasingly common price for clients and is considered the near-expected price by most beauty service providers for top-notch treatment. Understanding this fact will help ensure your best experience when receiving any beauty services.

Customize Your Tip Amount

In the service industry, tipping etiquette can often come as a tricky side rule to navigate. Finding your end result in knowing when to tip, or how much to tip, can be quite difficult. If you’re not sure of when or how much to tip for an appointment, course, or service you may have taken on, customizing your own tipping amount can be the best idea. After selecting the experts and services that fit the most necessary criteria for you, customizing your tip amount gives you the chance to match what their services mean to you – making tipping easier and more rewarding! A great way to go about this would be to gauge what an ideal ending is for both parties involved means in exchange – it could completely transform your experience of tipping!

When Is It Appropriate to Tip Your Lash Stylist?

Salon eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly popular with customers looking to enhance the beauty of their eyelashes in a professional setting. As such, when is it appropriate to tip your lash stylist? Generally, customers are expected to provide gratuity to the salon they visited if they were pleased with the quality of eyelash services received and the professional attitude of their stylist. Salons generally include gratuity in their bill, but cash tips are still welcome. No matter how you choose to show your appreciation for your lash stylist, tipping for eyelash services is certainly appropriate as offering a further incentive for top-quality service should be of interest to any salon and its customers.

Reasons Why Clients Like to Tip Lash Stylists

Clients all over the world enjoy tipping their lash stylists due to the time, effort, and skill that is put into each service session. The client-to-person relationship is one based on trust and comfort. Lash artists are trained in all of the right materials and training necessary to guarantee an all-around enjoyable experience. Experienced artists always make sure to pay attention to detail, no matter how intricate or simple their work may be. Clients tip not just because it’s customary, but also because of the level of attentiveness that some lash stylists provide to every single one of their clients. In many cases, this level of care shows in the finished product – one that is bound to leave any person feeling beautiful and confident about themselves.


When it comes to eyelash extension services, tipping is an important way to show your appreciation for a quality service. A good rule of thumb is to tip 15-20% of the total service cost. Additionally, if you have had a particularly positive experience with the artist or if the results are better than expected, you may even consider tipping more. Showing your appreciation with a tip can go a long way in expressing your gratitude and ensuring great customer service in the future.

Tipping is not required or expected, but it is a great way to show your appreciation for the hard work of the artist. If you are unable to tip in cash, there are other ways to show your gratitude such as sending a thank you note or gift basket or simply leaving an online review with kind words about the service you received. Your support and positive feedback will be appreciated by any artist that puts their heart into providing excellent quality service. Thanking an artist is also a wonderful gesture and can go a long way toward showing them how much they are valued. 

At the end of the day, whether or not you choose to tip an eyelash extension artist is completely up to you. However, if you enjoyed the service that was received and would like to show your appreciation, then a tip is always appreciated. Tipping can be an excellent way to ensure great customer service and express your gratitude for a job well done. 

Remember, eyelash extension services are not just about looking good but feeling good too! Take care of yourself and don’t forget to show some appreciation when it is due. After all, everyone deserves to feel special,  Click here to learn more about eyelash extensions, proper care, and maintenance.  Thank you for reading, and be sure to take care of your new lashes! 

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