Classic Vs Hybrid Vs Volume Lash Extensions: Which One is Right for You?

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Lash extensions have become increasingly popular in recent years, giving women all over the world the opportunity to have long, voluminous lashes without the hassle of daily mascara application. These extensions are attached to your natural lashes, providing a fuller and more dramatic look that can last for weeks. However, with so many different types of lash extensions available, it can be overwhelming to decide which type is best suited for you. This is where understanding the differences between classic, hybrid, and volume lash extensions come in handy.


In this article, we will dive into each type of lash extension, providing you with a comprehensive overview of what sets them apart and help you make an informed decision about which one is right for you. So, whether you’re a lash newbie or a seasoned lash veteran, read on to learn more about classic, hybrid, and volume lash extensions.

Classic Lashes

What are Classic lash extensions?

Ladies, have you ever dreamed of flaunting those long, luscious lashes like the Hollywood stars? Look no further, because we have just the solution for your dreams to become reality – Classic Lash Extensions!


Let’s start with the basics – what are Classic Lash Extensions? In essence, they are individual synthetic lashes that are applied one by one to your natural lashes using a special adhesive glue. The result? Instantly, fuller, thicker, and longer lashes are customized to your desired length and thickness. The procedure usually takes around two hours, but trust us, the stunning end result is worth the wait!


Now, let’s dive into the pros and cons of Classic Lash Extensions. On the plus side, they can save you heaps of time in the morning as there’s no need to apply mascara and eyelash curler anymore. In addition, they are extremely customizable, allowing you to choose from a variety of lengths and thicknesses so that you can perfectly achieve the look you desire. Not to mention, they can last for weeks, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy your new lashes for quite some time.


On the downside, Classic Lash Extensions can be pricey, and require a commitment to maintaining their longevity. Since they are applied to your natural lashes, you need to be gentle and avoid anything that could cause them to fall out, such as rubbing your eyes. Furthermore, if done poorly, they have the potential to damage your natural lashes or even cause an allergic reaction.


That being said, Classic Lash Extensions are a great choice for those who want to enhance their natural beauty without wearing excessive makeup. They are ideal for busy women who don’t have the time or patience to apply makeup daily, and for those who love to look fabulous all the time! They are also perfect for special occasions such as weddings, parties, or even just for a day out with the girls.


In terms of ideal candidates for Classic Lash Extensions, anyone can have them! However, those with thin, sparse, or short natural lashes tend to benefit the most from the added volume and length. Additionally, those with sensitive eyes or allergies should consult with their lash technician beforehand to ensure the procedure is safe for them.

What are Volume Lash Extensions?

Volume lash extensions, also known as Russian volume, is a technique that involves applying multiple lightweight extensions to each natural lash to create a more full and dramatic lash look. This technique differs from traditional lash extensions, which usually involve only one extension per natural lash. To achieve the volume effect, the technician uses a special technique to create handmade fans of ultra-thin lash fibers. The fans, which can be 2D or 3D, are then placed onto each individual’s natural lash, resulting in a full and fluffy appearance.


The pros of volume lash extensions include the dramatic yet natural look they provide. The lightweight fans are designed to mimic the look of natural lashes, providing a much more voluminous effect without the need for heavy mascara or falsies. Another advantage is the longevity of the extensions, as they can last for up to six weeks with proper care. However, there are some cons to consider, such as the higher price point than traditional lash extensions and the longer application time required.


Ideal candidates for volume lash extensions are those with healthy natural lashes that are looking for a more dramatic and full appearance. The technique is suitable for people who have sparse or thin lashes, as well as those who have straight lashes that need a boost of curl. However, those with very short or weak lashes may not be good candidates for permanent lash extensions, as they may not be able to support the additional weight.


Overall, volume lash extensions are a great option for those looking for a more dramatic lash look. With the right artist and proper aftercare, the results can be stunning, providing a full and voluminous appearance that lasts for weeks. So why not book your appointment for a set of fans today?

What are Hybrid Lash Extensions?

Hybrid lash extensions are the current rage in eyelash extension application, combining classic and volume extensions to produce a more realistic, textured outcome. These additions are ideal for those who desire a bit of extra drama without going to extremes.

The characteristics of hybrid lash extensions are unique and different from the classic or volume extensions. They offer a subtle combination of both, with the classics providing length and the volumes offering depth and fullness. Additionally, the hybrid extensions are often placed strategically to create a textured effect, adding dimension and definition to the eye area.

As with any beauty treatment, there are pros and cons to hybrid lash extensions. On the plus side, they offer a natural-looking alternative to the glam of dramatic lash extensions. They’re also versatile, allowing you to customize the look to suit your individual style. However, the downside is that the process can be time-consuming and, in some cases, more costly than classic lash extensions.

The ideal candidate for hybrid lash extensions is someone who wants to enhance their natural lashes without going overboard. If you have sparse lashes or are looking for something subtler, then this could be a fantastic option for you. Additionally, if you’re someone who wants to add some extra drama to your lashes but still maintain a natural look, then hybrid lash extensions are a perfect choice.

To sum up, if you want natural-looking and textured lashes with a balance of length and fullness, hybrid lash extensions are an excellent choice. Hybrid lash extensions are a subtle way to add volume and enhance your natural beauty. Give them a try if you want a unique approach to your lash look.

So, what's the Difference Between Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Lash Extensions?

When considering lash extensions, the three available types are classic, hybrid, and volume. Classic is ideal for those desiring a subtle appearance since it simply lengthens and thickens each lash. By contrast, hybrid lashes are a combination of classic and volume lashes, making them the perfect selection for people who would like to experience the best of both options. Finally, volume lashes are ideal for those wishing for a more extreme appearance as multiple lashes will be placed on each natural lash, creating a bigger and thicker result. From subtle improvements to bold embellishments, there is a lash extension option tailored to your needs. With the help of an experienced stylist, you can be confident in choosing the ideal type of lash for your preferred outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is better: classic, volume, or hybrid eyelash extensions?

When it comes to choosing between classic, volume, or hybrid eyelash extensions, it’s important to consider the desired look and occasion. Classic lashes are great for everyday wear and provide a natural, subtle enhancement to your natural lashes. Volume and mega volume, on the other hand, are perfect for special occasions like weddings or parties where you want to make a bold statement. These styles involve adding multiple lashes to each natural lash, resulting in a fuller and more dramatic look. For those who want the best of both worlds, hybrid lashes are a combination of classic and volume, offering a more textured and multidimensional look. Ultimately, the choice between these styles depends on personal preference, lifestyle, and the occasion you’re getting dolled up for.

Which eyelash extensions are the least damaging?

If you want to protect your authentic eyelashes, considering hybrid eyelash extensions could be beneficial. These extensions pair classic and volume lashes, offering a lush appearance while minimizing the strain on your organic lashes. However, it is essential to guarantee that the implementation is done precisely with premium materials to minimize damage.

Which length and curl to use for classic, volume, or hybrid eyelash extensions?

No matter the type of eyelash extension chosen, the lash length and curl will be determined by the eye shape and eyelash texture of the individual receiving the service.

In other words, depending on the desired style or their natural curl type, individuals can select to receive a C curl selection or a D curl option, no matter if they are obtaining volume, traditional, or hybrid sets.


In conclusion, when it comes to eyelash extensions, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the individual’s preferences and needs. If you want a subtle enhancement to your natural lashes, then classic lash extensions are for you. Hybrid lash extensions are a blend of classic and volume extensions and can be personalized according to your preference. For a bold and striking look, volume lash extensions are the best choice. They are perfect for those who want to stand out.

It’s important to keep in mind that all types of eyelash extensions require maintenance, such as regular touch-ups and proper care to ensure their longevity. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a reputable and experienced technician who uses high-quality products. 

Cost is also a factor to consider, as volume lash extensions tend to be the most expensive due to the number of lashes used. However, lower-priced options can be found at various salons, so it’s essential to shop around and find the best deal for your budget. 

Overall, whether you decide on classic, hybrid, or volume lash extensions, it’s important to do your research, consult with your technician, and choose a style that best fits your unique features and personal preferences. With a skilled technician and proper maintenance, you can enjoy beautiful, lush lashes that enhance your natural beauty for weeks to come.

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