classic eyelash extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Having long, luscious lashes is something that many women desire. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with natural lashes that are long and full. If you have short sparse lashes, you may be considering getting eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are not a new beauty phenomenon, but they have recently become more popular. This is likely because the look of lash extensions can be so dramatically transformative—gorgeous, statement-making lashes that enhance your natural features without even trying.

Classic eyelashes are the most popular lash extension and are perfect for those who want a natural look. The lashes are applied to your natural lashes, one by one, resulting in longer subtle lashes. The classic style is great if you don’t want an overly dramatic look.

What Are Classic Eyelash Extensions?

Classic eyelash extensions are the simplest and most beautiful way to enhance your natural lashes. Unlike other lash styles, classic extensions are applied on a 1:1 ratio, meaning that one extension is attached to each natural lash – creating a subtle, elegant look. This allows you to maintain your appearance while beautifully accentuating your natural features.

Another benefit of classic lash extensions is that they can be made from the highest quality materials, ensuring a natural appearance and long-lasting results. Classic lash extensions are perfect, whether you’re looking for a little extra something to emphasize your eyes or a complete, doe-eyed look. So if you’re ready to achieve that perfect lash look, start exploring all the possibilities with classic eyelash extensions!

Different Choices of Classic Lashes

There are many different types to choose from for classic lash extensions. The kind of extensions your lash tech chooses will depend on your desired look and can be customized to achieve the perfect style. Usually, your lash tech will choose the length, width, and curl depending on your natural lash strength and eye shape.


Can range from 8mm – 16mm lashes extensions that are any longer than that may cause damage to the natural eyelash. A shorter length set can appear denser on the lash line than a longer length set can appear wispy.


Depending on the strength of your natural lash the technician may choose .10mm, .12mm, .15mm, .18mm, or .20 mm lash extensions. .10 mm lash extensions are used on very thin lashes while .15 mm lash extensions can be used on medium-strength lash extensions. .20mm lash extensions are usually used on thick strong natural hair.

There are two options for classic lashes either regular individual lash extensions or flat lash extensions. Flat lash extensions are more commonly used because of how lightweight they are.


The most popular curls are C, CC, D, DD, and L (goes from less curly to curliest). Your technician will choose the best curl to use with your eye shape. For mono lids, D, DD, or L curls are usually used. For hooded eyes, longer C lengths are commonly used.


Cat eye – longer on the ends to resemble a winged eyeliner look

Doll eye – longer in the center which gives the effect of an open eye.

Classic Eyelash Extensions vs. Hybrid

If you’re looking for a truly natural lash look, classic eyelash extensions may be a perfect choice. This style features lash extensions that are very natural yet still accentuate your eyes. Classic lash extensions are ideal for those who have medium, healthy lashes and want to add length and a little bit of volume. This is very similar to having about two coats of mascara on, without the mess.

If you have sparse lashes or are looking for a fuller look, hybrid eyelash extensions may be better. Hybrid extensions feature a mix of classic and volume lashes. Hybrid lash extensions are perfect for those who want to add a little bit of extra volume and length but don’t necessarily want something as dramatic as volume lash extensions.


Classic Eyelash Extensions Price

Classic lashes are natural-looking eyelash extensions. These are individual lashes that can last anywhere from six to eight weeks with the proper application and aftercare with occasional fallout. You will still need to get a lash fill every two to three weeks to have the outgrown lashes removed. The application process usually takes about one and a half to two hours, during which your eyes are closed. Most even fall asleep.

Eyelash extensions cost on average $100-$160 for classic lashes, $130-$180 for hybrid lashes, and $150-$250 for volume lashes. Lash refills cost on average $60-$80 for classic fills, $70-$90 for hybrid fills, and $80-$120 for volume fills.

Final Thought

Have you ever considered getting wholesale eyelash extensions? If not, you may be surprised to learn about all of their benefits. They make your eyes look bigger and brighter, but they can also last for up to eight weeks. And if that’s not incentive enough, consider this: classic eyelash extensions are a great way to avoid using mascara every day. Need more convincing? Call us today! 


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